Tips to Improve Writing Prose

Writing prose can be something that is not easy to do. Most of the problems in writing prose are about finding the ideas. If you want to improve your ability in writing prose, there are actually some important factors that you have to consider. For that reason, here are going to give you some tips to improve writing prose.

The first think that you have to do is to complete the first draft of the part you want to write. Before you start to write, you have to determine the topic, the goal, and the style of your writing. What you have to underline here is when you are writing you should be focused on quickly writing without worrying about the punctuation, spelling, or word count.

After you have finished the first draft, what you have to do is to check out the spelling of your writing. Try to find the basic errors through the whole first draft. Also, you have to examine if there is grammatical error since it can distract the reader and decline your credibility as a writer.

Moreover, you need to avoid writing in a very long sentence because it is not effective to be read. It is better for you to write in shorter sentence so that it will provide effective information for the reader. Besides, the paragraphs also do not need to be too long in order to make the reader easily digest information from your writing.

In addition, you need to change passive voice into active voice. It is because active voice will make your prose to be more alive. After that, print your writing and try to read it loudly to easily find other errors. So, you can revise it and you will find your writing prose to a perfect writing.

How to Help You Understand the Send Out Cards Training

This article is going to review the send out cards training program as well as provide my insights from working in the industry, reviewing plenty of companies and working with many highly respected industry top performers and leaders.

One of the first things I noticed when I began to dig into Send Out Cards was that a lot of their bonus payout revolved around getting new distributors to take training programs or training seminars. Seems like a win-win situation bringing the newcomers the information they need to succeed and promoting teamwork by getting team members together on a more frequent basis during training.

However, some of the most efficient and profitable teams and leaders I have worked with or wrote about have had these types of training programs and seminars in place for their team for free or very economical… because it was their team and investing in the team was investing in them.

So I wanted to know a lot more about how effective was this training for it to be such a large part of the bonus commission and pay out plan. Unfortunately after trying to get involved in the actual training I came to the conclusion that it would be much more time than money I could afford to spend as it was not company policy to train someone who didn’t want to join the company. What’s that all about?

What I did do is go over distributor feedback and even talked with a trainer about what they offered.

Quite expected I heard varied results… of course the quality of the training is going to rely on the quality of the trainer and with training distributors being a requirement to advance in the comp plan and the only requirement to train being that you were trained I came to the conclusion you should be attentive about what team you are going to join and who will be training you.

At best I got the impression the company training was mediocre, especially since the distributors that will be building the company will be paying for it.

However, this can be used to your advantage. Being solely and internet marketer, more or less, Send Out Cards has appeal to me because it is an internet based service that caters to internet marketers. Much of their training helps you with this but it is limited. Expanding your education in internet marketing will expand the appeal of your team to potential distributors and the level of information you can share when you are training.

If you use the company training combined with your training, or training that you affiliate for, you can make more commissions, build a stronger team and develop a network that will pay out higher residual incomes.

It is clear training is a crucial part to your success in send out cards. So, respectively, you should put the energy, time and money into training yourself so you can be that leader that inspires others with their success and motivational abilities.

How to Find the Best After School Program

If your child needs a good after school activities program in order to receive tutoring services to strengthen their skills in a particular class, you may find that there are many after school programs to choose from. Each after school program caters to the needs of students. Some cater to the sports aspects, some focuses on math and science, some focus on reading and spelling, while others focus on alternative learning skills. Whether you home school or you send your child to school, he or she can benefit from a good balanced after school activities program.

First, you need to make a list of all the after the school activities available in your area that is easy to drive to and you can afford. While creating this list allow yourself enough choices in order to find the right one. You may need to take into consideration the miles away from your home, the hours of the after school program, and are there any type of extra curricular activities offered too.

Next, you need to call around to after care programs that are on your list. When you contact them, ask to speak directly to the owner or the supervisor that is in charge of new admissions. Others may try to persuade you to talk to them but you need to speak directly to the person who started this after school program in order to understand their goals and what they have done to reach them. Your child’s education will depend on this answer so take your time in discussing this matter. Write down a list of questions that you may want to ask someone about their after school program. For example, if your child has a learning disability, autism, or ADD, you want to know whether their after school program can cater to their special needs. Some may while others may not.

An after care program should be flexible on their closing times because not every parent is able to pick up their child by a certain time. You want to make sure that you have the opportunity to come later if needed and make sure that someone will stay with your child until you arrive. You don’t want your child to stand outside waiting for you.

Does the after care program have any group activities to strengthen character, socialization, and mental awareness? Some programs can cater more toward sports starting up basketball teams, football teams, and other sports with the students who attend. Others may start cultural programs that will give them time to express some of their cultural traits including learning dances and dressing up.

Always make sure that the after care program is accredited in order to benefit from their services. If they are not accredited and your child is trying to obtain a credit, the board of education may not allow it if the after school program is not accredited. When in doubt, ask other parents of school aged children what they prefer to do for an after care program.

Instructions on How to Dance – Learn Dancing Your Way!

There are many ways that you can get instructions on how to dance. You can take private lessons, learn to dance online, attend dance schools, or even with dance dvds. The secret is to learn dancing in a way that best suits your needs!

Taking private lessons could be the one for you. There are usually teachers who will come to your house to give you the private lessons. One advantage to Private lessons is that you get instructions on how to dance one on one. For a fee of course, this is at least $50 an hour usually.

You can choose to learn to dance online. Online there are a number of different programs that teach many different styles. One of the best things about learning online is that you can do it at your own speed. There are also different levels that you can choose from.

Maybe attending a school would be best for you. Most schools consist of different artists who specialize in certain styles. Many people who attend dance academies intend on learning their skills to be used as a career. However, some people just use it as a way to learn dancing because they love it.

Another way to learn is by using dance dvds. When you learn this way you are able to learn at home. That way you don’t have to be embarrassed about what you do or do not know. You also have the ability of paying one price and watching it until you get it right.

When you get instructions on how to dance there is no right or wrong way to do it. The important thing is to learn dancing in a way that you can afford and are comfortable with!

Getting Into an Independent School in America

In America the competition to get into private schools can be fierce! Therefore the schools need a way to differentiate between the children applying and judge their ability. This is commonly done with an entrance test. Independent schools commonly use the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) written by ERB.

The ISEE was rewritten in 2009. New questions were added along with hundreds of new essay questions. The test has also been made shorter without compromising the effectiveness of the test itself. The exam is made up of 5 sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematics achievement and a 30 minute essay.

It should be noted that your child can only sit the ISEE once in 6 months. The test has comes in three levels: upper, middle and lower which correspond to the grade your child is in at school. The test is approximately 2 hours long with time allowed for 2 breaks. The essay section of the exam is expected to take around 30 minutes.

Many parents are stuck when it comes to helping they child prepare for the exam. Some parents even go so far to hire very expensive tutors. Allow you can be sure that a tutor will be worthwhile and know how to prepare the child for test it is a great expense. There are also various books and online programs available. You should look for a resource that comes with practice questions. These show the child what they should expect in the actual exam and before familiar with how the questions are asked.

Education Issues

Below are just a few of the leading American education issues that are constantly being debated nowadays.

First, this question: should there be a national standard for graduating high school students? Should students have to pass a rigorous test in order to graduate? Some people say that a test is an objective measurement of how well a student knows certain material; others argue that some students don’t “test well,” and that grades, schoolwork and teachers should determine whether or not a particular student graduates, and not a standardized test. Others say that many standardized tests are inherently biased.

Another educational debate rages over vouchers. A school voucher is when the government pays part or all of a student’s private school tuition. Let’s say it costs a city $10,000 to educate a child per year. With a school voucher, the government would pay ten-thousand dollars of tax money for a child to go to a certain private school instead of giving that money to the public school the child would otherwise attend. Some people insist that this is only fair; if parents work hard to pay taxes, why shouldn’t their tax dollars go to the school of their choice? Other people say that vouchers take away desperately-needed public school funds, and that it’s the duty of all citizens to pay for public schools through tax dollars whether or not they have children attending one. Public schools, this latter group would argue, are as crucial to a functioning democracy as anything else that tax money could pay for.

Other education issues: should uniforms be required at all public schools? Should teacher tenure be done away with? If so, teachers would have to be reevaluated throughout their careers and schools could fire any teacher deemed inefficient no matter how long he or she has been teaching. Also, should schools address the challenge of childhood obesity, and what’s the best way to address this problem? Should sex education programs be implemented in classrooms, and at what age? And then there are the thorny issues surrounding charter schools, with passionate defenders on both sides: how much money should charter schools be allotted? How should they be regulated?

In the end, perhaps all education issues come down to this: parents want only the best for their children, teachers want to be treated fairly as professionals, and we all know our society depends on the answers at which we arrive.

What Self Development Courses Can Do For Your Well Being

As long as we live, our quest for knowledge, well-being and wealth will never end. Such quests many a time lead us to a feeling of inadequacy in our personality.

Whatever our concerns; depression, weight problems, health, studies, or personal relationship, today there are various self development courses available on the market and on the Internet that can help you.

While most self help courses are in book form which needs to be acted upon, there are others in the form of seminars, classes or therapy session where self help techniques like meditation, yoga, or scientifically invented programs like Binaural Beats.

As the demands in our lives have increased, so has the need to join a course on self development. Realizing such importance, even corporations, universities, and schools are beginning to offer self development as part of their course programs today.

Most of such self development courses focus on areas like self discovery, personal growth, setting practical life’s purpose, positive thinking strategy, and stress control measures. However, everyone has different challenges and issues in life.

A person struggling with depressions, anxieties, and having pain may, for example, try an audio-based healing technique like Binaural Beats, yoga and meditation training. Someone with relationship issues may opt for a course that offers counseling services that are offered by a trained therapist.

Therefore, choose the appropriate self development course and get the maximum benefits. There are many such courses that are scientifically tested and designed to increase your overall well being. They teach you to live your life to your full potential.

Financial Aid Questions – What Does Financial Aid For College Mean?

So are you one of the casualties of our current economic disaster? Have you lost your job and are you wondering in what direction you should go? If you have ever thought about going to college, then you should consider applying for financial aid. But what is financial aid and exactly what does it do for you? Here are a few answers to help you.

Financial aid for college is money that is given to you either in the form of a loan or a grant. It is given to you in the form of a loan, this would more than likely be a Stafford loan that she would have to repay back over the course of several years after you have completed your college degree.

If you do not get a loan for college, then you would need to apply for a grant or a scholarship. A grant is usually money that is given to you so that you do not have to pay for your tuition, books, or the cost of your classes. The most popular is the Pell Grant which you can find out more about extra aid office at your university.

A scholarship can be given by private parties, even the university itself, if you have a special skill that it would like to utilize for self gain. For instance, football players that go to college on a full ride scholarships are doing so because they bring patrons in to spend money and watch football games at the college.

There are other scholarships that are given to those that are intellectually deserving as well as those that have done things for society that merits some kind of reward. Either way, all of these types of college aid are used to help you get a college degree that you can use to find a higher-paying career.

Your best bet when looking for financial aid is to talk to the financial aid counselor at your particular school. They do this on a regular basis and will have a full list of the grants, loans, and scholarships available in your area for your particular major or focus.

Financial aid is not that hard to understand. It basically comes down to if you receive a grant or scholarship, you do not have to pay it back. If you take out a loan from your school, this is money that you will have to repay after your time in college.

How To Select Appropriate Life Coaching Courses

Life coaching courses are designed in such a manner that they can really help you in professional as well as personal front. Sometimes people really find it difficult to full fill all their goals and aspirations whether in professional life or personal front. If this is the case with you then you must considering joining life training courses. The courses really help in motivating you to achieve all your desired goals. People who are facing problems in their relationships or career can also take the help of these courses. They really help in making a big impact on your life.

Well in this article, I would basically like to discuss some ways through which you can select the most appropriate coaching courses.

1. Making a big difference
These courses have helped and are still helping many people all around the world. The coaching courses help you to deal with various issues in your life that are disturbing you. They really help in motivating your self confidence so that you can achieve whatever you want in life. In the coaching courses all the things are explained to you in an elaborate manner so that you can fully understand them without facing any difficulty.

2. Life coaches
Life instructor are expert in the field of life coaching and they can really help you a lot by giving you expert advice. These type of coaches usually have great knowledge, experience and formal training in this field. If you want you can also hire a professional life instructor to help you out in your business or any other related field. They have all the required resources and they really help you in attaining your aspirations. They provide you structure, support and plans that you need for your success.

3. Lessons that you can learn through life coaching
With the help of these type of coaching you can really learn some important lessons. Some of them are mentioned below.

• After joining the classes, you can know a lot about your weakness and strengths.
• They classes help you to plan out strategies which you can use for attaining your future goals.
• You are also taught to deal with difficult situations.
• The courses are divided into different categories so it helps you in easily selecting the right course.

Well these are some very important things that you must surely keep in mind before selecting life coaching courses for yourself.

A Brief Explanation of Portfolio Careers

I remember October 1984, and my first week in University. We had a pep talk from the University president who gave us some food for thought. Now I don’t remember everything he said, but I do remember clearly two specific ideas he ‘threw out’ to us uninitiated University newbies.

  • Students should spend ten hours a day studying. Obviously there was a unified gasp of disbelief and deflation from two hundred people had plans for four years of fun with some lectures and study ‘on the side’ The president’s rebuff was “Ten hours of study and 8 hours of sleep allowed six hours for recreation every day” What had we left ourselves in for?
  • In one’s working lifetime, a typical graduate would have seven different jobs, and three different careers.

After four years, many of us graduated having done significantly less than ten hours of study every day. One can only wonder would we be better off or worse off had we done all that study.

Regarding the second piece of information/advice, much has changed, and now people speak of Portfolio Careers, where a person can have several jobs and and maybe more than one career all going on at the same time.

With a mix of part-time positions, contract work and self employment, through hot desking and working from home- offices, technology has facilitated people in leading a new work lifestyle and the phrase Portfolio Career has been born.

Now to clarify, this is not the same as having a broad ranging position that involves many and varied duties. It means having a number of different employers, possibly including yourself, and carrying out a number of different duties for each of these employers. In essence it’s giving portions of your time/experience/expertise to different employers across a range of services, products etc.

The primary benefit of having a portfolio career should be fairly obvious, particularly in the current uncertain environment; Risk can be spread across a number of employers, so if one employer no longer requires your services, you still have a number of others that allow you to continue to have an income stream. Additionally with a broad service offering, it may be easier to find a replacement for the employer who no longer requires you.

On the downside, there can be uncertainty, because of the way your responsibilities are spread, as work can be piecemeal and irregular at times. Also, because you may only be a very small part of an employer’s workforce, you can be easily forgotten, and more likely to be first to go when things get tough.

So what type of person might be suited to a portfolio career?

  • In the first instance one will need to be highly organised, and have the ability to apportion ‘slices’ of time to each employer/portfolio element.
  • Having the ability to prioritise, and to juggle different skills and disciplines is a must. One minute might involve dealing with an irate employer, and the next might be in a completely different business area with a different employer and completely different circumstances such as geographical area or culture.
  • It will also be helpful to have flexibility on time availability, especially in circumstances when dealing with employers in different time zones.

You might ask yourself ‘Why on earth would I even consider having a portfolio career? One answer is that in the current economic environment, and with the outlook not being particularly bright, you might have no choice. However, the variety and flexibility offered by this lifestyle choice may well appeal to many.