How to Help You Understand the Send Out Cards Training

This article is going to review the send out cards training program as well as provide my insights from working in the industry, reviewing plenty of companies and working with many highly respected industry top performers and leaders.

One of the first things I noticed when I began to dig into Send Out Cards was that a lot of their bonus payout revolved around getting new distributors to take training programs or training seminars. Seems like a win-win situation bringing the newcomers the information they need to succeed and promoting teamwork by getting team members together on a more frequent basis during training.

However, some of the most efficient and profitable teams and leaders I have worked with or wrote about have had these types of training programs and seminars in place for their team for free or very economical… because it was their team and investing in the team was investing in them.

So I wanted to know a lot more about how effective was this training for it to be such a large part of the bonus commission and pay out plan. Unfortunately after trying to get involved in the actual training I came to the conclusion that it would be much more time than money I could afford to spend as it was not company policy to train someone who didn’t want to join the company. What’s that all about?

What I did do is go over distributor feedback and even talked with a trainer about what they offered.

Quite expected I heard varied results… of course the quality of the training is going to rely on the quality of the trainer and with training distributors being a requirement to advance in the comp plan and the only requirement to train being that you were trained I came to the conclusion you should be attentive about what team you are going to join and who will be training you.

At best I got the impression the company training was mediocre, especially since the distributors that will be building the company will be paying for it.

However, this can be used to your advantage. Being solely and internet marketer, more or less, Send Out Cards has appeal to me because it is an internet based service that caters to internet marketers. Much of their training helps you with this but it is limited. Expanding your education in internet marketing will expand the appeal of your team to potential distributors and the level of information you can share when you are training.

If you use the company training combined with your training, or training that you affiliate for, you can make more commissions, build a stronger team and develop a network that will pay out higher residual incomes.

It is clear training is a crucial part to your success in send out cards. So, respectively, you should put the energy, time and money into training yourself so you can be that leader that inspires others with their success and motivational abilities.