Tips to Improve Writing Prose

Writing prose can be something that is not easy to do. Most of the problems in writing prose are about finding the ideas. If you want to improve your ability in writing prose, there are actually some important factors that you have to consider. For that reason, here are going to give you some tips to improve writing prose.

The first think that you have to do is to complete the first draft of the part you want to write. Before you start to write, you have to determine the topic, the goal, and the style of your writing. What you have to underline here is when you are writing you should be focused on quickly writing without worrying about the punctuation, spelling, or word count.

After you have finished the first draft, what you have to do is to check out the spelling of your writing. Try to find the basic errors through the whole first draft. Also, you have to examine if there is grammatical error since it can distract the reader and decline your credibility as a writer.

Moreover, you need to avoid writing in a very long sentence because it is not effective to be read. It is better for you to write in shorter sentence so that it will provide effective information for the reader. Besides, the paragraphs also do not need to be too long in order to make the reader easily digest information from your writing.

In addition, you need to change passive voice into active voice. It is because active voice will make your prose to be more alive. After that, print your writing and try to read it loudly to easily find other errors. So, you can revise it and you will find your writing prose to a perfect writing.